Ancient Islamic geometry in contemporary form, ceramic art hand-thrown, designed, and glazed in Washington, D.C.


About the Artist

London-born Tasneem Kabir is inspired by the intricate patterns and designs of his Islamic faith. In 2020, he began exploring the intersection of traditional Islamic geometric patterns with contemporary forms. Tasneem lives with his wife and son in Washington D.C., where he designs and creates his work.

Artist Statement

My passion in my work lies in the clash between two mediums. Clay is such an organic substance, constantly moving and changing shape, never uniform, always imperfect. Islamic geometry, on the other hand, is meticulously precise and mathematical, bound by rules and exact angles. The challenge and the struggle of applying one to the other is the most compelling part of my work to me. It represents my life in many ways: my rich heritage and religion in constant struggle with my Western identity.

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